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Making Dreams Come True

Kevin is the co founder of Tropic Event and comes from a background in Catering,

Waiter services and Event planning.

Tropic Event delivers Events  for a diverse clientele in Mauritius and Kevin plays the pivotal role of making it happen with great success.

Kevin also has a Food and Handling Certificate (Mauritius), First Aid Certificate (Mauritius) and also was trained in Melbourne by an Event/ Entertainment company.


Co-Founder, Event Planner 

Managing Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

Luc opens the line of communication between clients to get projects done.


With over 27 years in both Business Management and Entertainment sectors in Australia, Luc has experience in Management, Events Development,

Strategic Implementation, Event Planning and Company and Client Collaboration.

Luc has managed and participated in big Event Projects in Melbourne, like the

Cricket World Cup, Moomba Festival,International Food Festival....

just to name a few. 

Luc holds a degree in Business/IT and is also certified in Investigative services.


Co-Founder, Business Management

& Director

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